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aphrodisiac dietary supplement

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Increased desire and performance for the intimate relationship of the spouses. The Power Plus Supplement is made with a 100% organic natural herbal blend for men.

Helps increase strength and energy while boosting vigor and vitality.


Mix a heaping teaspoon or level tablespoon of Power Plus powder into a glass of warm water or milk.

Not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding, childhood and in case of metabolic syndrome.

Increased desire and performance for the intimate relationship of spouses with our Power Plus Powder

This mixture composed of nutritious organic sidr (jujube) honey as well as the Tongkat Ali plant is an excellent natural remedy for your intimate weakness.
Tongkat Ali also called "Malaysian Ginseng" grows wild in Southeast Asia where its root has been consumed for centuries to promote well-being and increase strength and libido.
Its regular consumption leads to an increase in desire and intimate performance as well as an improvement in physical and mental well-being.
Sidr (jujube) honey is considered one of the best honeys in the world, it is a natural and powerful aphrodisiac because it contains high levels of glucose which stimulates and increases the activity of desire in men.

Power Plus Supplement: Product Overview

It sometimes happens in some men that the intimate desire decreases because of several factors, often psychological such as stress or depression, but also due to physical causes, such as a malfunction of the genital system, hormonal disorders or even the fatigue.
Fortunately, there are natural solutions today such as our Power Plus Supplement product, which is a powerful aphrodisiac used against impotence and the decline of intimate desire. Here are the ingredients that go into the composition of our Power Plus Supplement powder:

• Tongkat Ali
• Sidr (jujube) honey
• Royal jelly
• Molluscs
• Panax ginseng
• Eurycoma longifolia
• Crocus sativus
• Carob
• Pollen seeds
• Propolis
• Tribulus Terrestris
• Ginger
• Cinnamomum verum
• Maca
• Planifolia vanilla flavor
• Squash
• Hippophae rhamnoides

The benefits of Power Plus Supplement

Do you suffer from impotence? Like many men, do you dream of a satisfying and intense intimate relationship with your wife? Does your impotence make you suffer psychologically? To do this, boost your libido by using Power Plus Supplement, a product that will help you satisfy your partner's desires during your intimate relationships. Here are the benefits of Power Plus Supplement:

• Restores and strengthens energy levels, improves physical and mental performance as well as endurance and quality of life.
• It stimulates blood circulation in the genitals and the body, which results in stronger erections in men.
• It is a very good stimulant that helps to limit mental and physical fatigue, weakness, temporary stress and psychological exhaustion.
• It improves libido and fertility in men then prevents lack of desire, impotence and frigidity.
• Increases sperm quality.
• Helps increase free testosterone levels, and improve sperm quality.
• Increases ability to concentrate and helps develop memory
• Also helps reduce stress, anxiety and nervousness

You can order Power Plus Supplement powder directly from our webshop. Do not hesitate to browse our site to find other products. Regarding the delivery, know that we deliver all over the world. For more information on our delivery methods, click on "Deliveries" which is just at the bottom of the page.

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