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Ghassul pastes & clays

Ghassul is a natural clay made of silicon, magnesium and lithium. When dissolved in water, it gives a kind of mud with detergent and degreasing properties. The word ghassul comes from the Arabic ???????, literally "that which lava". The ghassul is used in the home and in the hammams, by the inhabitants of the Maghreb, in particular Moroccans for centuries, to clean and treat their skin and their hair. It is now part of the offer of modern hydrotherapy centers and spas. It has degreasing properties that make it use as a mineral soap in baths for washing hair. Ghassul is used as a stabilizing, emulsifying and humectant in emulsions, creams and gels, an abrasive agent in toothpastes and a viscosity control agent for cosmetics. Thus, it is used in skincare masks, scrub formulas, shampoos, bath and shower gels and, of course, soaps and creams for the face and body, especially against acne ... Sold in form of cosmetic preparation, it will then be embellished with plants, dried flowers, essential oil etc ... Ghassul is the main ingredient of gastric dressings such as Smecta or Actapulgite

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