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Henna is cold in the first degree and dry in the second degree. The strength of this shrub and its branches is drawn from a dissolving force acquired from an aquatic element, moderately warm, and from a retaining force acquired from an earthly and cold element. Powdered henna leaves produce red, yellow and orange-pink hues, used in textile and body dyeing (hair coloring and care, temporary skin tattoos). Among its benefits is that if we apply a henna paste on the nails, it will be beneficial and restore their beauty. Also if you use henna paste mixed with rancid butter as a dressing for hot edemas that let out a yellow liquid, this will be beneficial. As will be very useful in the treatment of ulcerative and chronic scabies. In addition, it grows, strengthens, and beautifies the hair. It strengthens the head, and is useful in case of abscesses and pimples on the legs, feet and all over the body. It is commonly called oral thrush and manifests itself in small white spots on the tongue, inside of the cheeks and sometimes the gums. Tree whose resin is used as a dye or for its medicinal properties

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