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Perfume your body, your car and your home with the Al Arabia Musk en bloc perfume range. It is a white solid perfume with a warm, sensual, earthy note and a woody note. The small musk cubes are easy to use and the scent they offer is compatible for men and women.

Characteristics of Al Arabia Musk

Discover the elegance and longevity of this White Musk solid perfume range. A low-cost edition presented in bulk of 500g in the form of cubes. This concentrated perfume based on Arabic musk reveals floral and amber accents, creating a woody and refined fragrance. The solid cubes of this musk perfume are versatile, suitable for use by both men and women, and can be applied to the skin, clothing, in the car and at home.

  • This white musk is packaged in small cubes.
  • This solid musk perfume is unisex, suitable for men and women.
  • White musk perfume blocks have a long-lasting hold.
  • This white musk perfume can be diluted with water or cream.
  • This white musk in solid perfume offers optimal conservation by placing them in an airtight bag.

Tips for using the Musc in bloc range

This perfume for men and women and its woody note is as easy to use as a spray:

  • White Musk Perfume for Body: Rub musk on skin or with a water peel for a distinctive personal scent.
  • White musk perfume for clothes and handbags: put white musk in a pouch and let its scent invade your home.
  • White musk perfume for car and wardrobe: put at least one white musk between linens and clothes for long-lasting fragrant freshness.

To accentuate the fragrance on the skin and for long-lasting hold, apply the musk to warm areas of the body (wrist, neck, forearm, etc.) and with a little neutral oil or vegetable butter.

Tips for storing Al Arabia musk perfume

After opening, put the musk perfumes in an airtight bag, a jar or a box to preserve as much perfume as possible. This range of solid musk perfume for men and women should be placed in a dry place and protected from sunlight in the house. If you opt to use musk perfume in spray or scented cream, always use an airtight container.

Benefits of this white musk

White musk fragrances for body and home are designed to last, providing a unique olfactory experience. Made with quality ingredients, they add a touch of sophistication to your scent routine. Transform your everyday life with Al Arabia White Block Musk, a captivating fusion of warm notes and timeless elegance. Add this white musk to your men's and women's perfume collection.

With the Al Arabia musk range in bulk, you can create your private perfumed collection at a low price. Melt the musk with a little water, add other scents like coconut, amber, rose or vanilla and a little vegetable butter.

Why take white musk solid perfume?

This edition of scented musks is unisex, suitable for men and women and for the home. Its warm, woody note goes well with all seasons and all scents (vanilla, rose, coconut, amber, etc.). This musk scented base in a small block format allows you to put it anywhere in the house and car. This range of musk solid perfume can be applied directly to the skin or made into a perfume spray mixed with water or other suitable ingredients for your private collection. Its bulk format offers long-term use.

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