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Firms and enlarges the chest and buttocks

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Fenugreek and akpi oil penetrates easily to act effectively to round, firm and give volume to the breasts and buttocks naturally.

Akpi oil in cosmetics makes the skin smooth and satiny.

Increase the volume of your breasts and buttocks with our organic fenugreek and akpi oil

Used since time immemorial in Ayurvedic medicine for its many properties for the skin and hair, fenugreek oil also helps to have a larger and more toned chest and buttocks. Akpi oil is renowned for its firming and toning qualities, giving you skin that is as smooth as it is firm. The combination of these two 100% vegetable oils gives you the possibility of enlarging your breasts and your buttocks in a natural way.

Organic fenugreek and akpi oil : product presentation

The effectiveness of our skin, hair and body products lies in the ingredients that compose them, each one having been carefully chosen for its virtues. Do you dream of taking one or more cups at chest level? Do you think your buttocks are too flat or too soft? Double the size of your breasts or buttocks with our organic fenugreek and akpi oil. Let's see the characteristics of these two ingredients known for their many benefits for the skin of the face, the hair and the body.

Extracted from fenugreek seeds by cold pressing, fenugreek oil has been used for thousands of years in India and North African countries for its many benefits. The phytoestrogens along with the nutrients contained in fenugreek stimulate the synthesis of hormones in women, specifically progesterone and estrogen. By applying fenugreek oil and organic akpi on the chest and buttocks, it stimulates the production of estrogens on this part of the body. It is important to point out that many women in Arab countries use fenugreek seeds and oil to enlarge and firm the breasts and buttocks in a natural way.

Akpi oil is also obtained by cold pressing to better preserve the qualities of the akpi seeds. With a high content of protein, potassium, phosphorus and fat, this organic oil of plant origin is also widely used to develop the chest and buttocks.

The benefits of fenugreek oil and organic akpi

The combination of fenugreek oil and akpi oil gives a natural treatment with a thousand and one benefits. Here are the main ones :

  • To begin with, fenugreek oil and organic akpi allow you to accentuate your shapes in your chest and buttocks naturally and surely.
  • Indeed, phytoestrogens stimulate the production of hormones in women, thus doubling the size of the breasts as well as that of the buttocks. In addition, the combination of these two vegetable oils allows you to have very firm breasts.
  • Apart from enlarging the breasts, fenugreek oil and akpi oil are excellent for facial skin. Indeed, these two oils help you fight against skin problems like acne.
  • Finally, organic fenugreek oil and akpi oil stimulate hair growth while strengthening it.

Organic fenugreek and akpi oil : method of use to give volume to your breasts and buttocks

Pour a few drops of fenugreek oil and organic akpi in the palm of your palm. Rub your hands together to warm the oil and gently massage your chest and buttocks using circular motions. For optimal results, use fenugreek and akpi oil at least twice a day on clean skin for 1 or 2 months.

You can also use fenugreek and akpi oil on your hair or on your face.

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