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Enriched with natural henna, Al Hooray Henna Shampoo offers a unique hair experience. It effectively fights dandruff while bringing shine, vitality and natural beauty to all hair types. Enjoy revived and strengthened hair thanks to the exceptional properties of Henna. A complete solution for healthy hair.

Exclusive formula with natural henna

Formulated with natural Henna, recognized since ancient times for its exceptional properties in terms of hair beauty and scalp care. Henna acts as a tonic, softener, antiseptic and antiseborrheic, providing a complete solution for hair needs.

Benefits of Henna Shampoo

  • Al Houra henna shampoo fights dandruff and maintains the scalp. It eliminates excess sebum.
  • This shampoo is suitable for all hair types, including oily hair, damaged hair, color treated hair and brittle hair
  • The henna formula provides shine, vitality and natural beauty to the hair
  • Henna shampoos moisturize and nourish the hair. They make it easy to detangle hair

The Henna used in this shampoo is known for its versatility, not only in hair coloring, but also for its benefits on hair health. After shampooing, apply your hair routine: masks, oils, treatments and other products, preferably organic and natural.

Tips for using henna shampoos

  1. Before applying henna shampoo, make sure your hair is completely wet.
  2. Apply the henna shampoo to the scalp, massaging gently. Make sure to cover the entire scalp to promote blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles.
  3. After treating the scalp, spread the shampoo along the length of the hair. Massage gently to ensure each strand is soaked with product, strengthening the hair structure from root to tip.
  4. The crucial step to allow the henna to work is to leave the shampoo on for 3-5 minutes. For thick, frizzy hair, leave it on a little longer. This allows for deeper absorption of the product, ensuring even coloring and increased hydration.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Be sure to remove any shampoo residue to avoid excess buildup on the hair.
  6. If necessary, repeat the operation, leaving it to act for a few moments. This can be particularly helpful in enhancing the effects of henna, depending on your hair needs.
  7. Rinse again thoroughly with lukewarm water so that all shampoo residue is removed, leaving your hair clean, revitalized and full of the benefits of henna.

Precautions for use : rinse well until the shampoo is completely removed and avoid contact with the eyes. Store the product at room temperature.

Composition : Exclusive formula based on natural Henna contained in a 250 ml bottle.

Properties of Henna

Henna is a natural plant with toning, softening, antiseptic and antiseborrheic properties. Its natural coloring power extracted from its leaves attaches to the keratin of the hair, reviving the hair and giving it coppery highlights. It also strengthens the roots.

Treat your hair to the natural care of Henna Al Hooray for hair bursting with vitality and beauty.

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250 ml

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