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Source of a clear mine

The renovating and brightening cream that fights the unsightly hyperpigmentations acquired

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Source of a clear complexion, Clermine cream is your ally with its renewing and above all lightening formula. It is designed to combat unsightly acquired hyperpigmentation, such as brown spots linked to age and the sun, photosensitization spots, scar hyperpigmentation, and pregnancy mask.

Characteristics of Clermine cream

Clermine cream is composed of a renovating active ingredient. This promotes cell renewal, thus facilitating the diffusion of the depigmenting active ingredient in hyperpigmentation spots. It is also equipped with a depigmenting active ingredient which effectively slows down the formation of melanin pigment by inhibiting tyrosinase. The latter is the enzyme of skin pigmentation. With this skin cream you have enough cream for several months. It is therefore a recommended product for those who have all these skin problems and who are looking for an affordable and easy to use solution.

Instructions for use

This cream was designed to be easy to use. All you need is the cream and cleansed skin. In addition, its application is done at sunset. So, no constraints, you will have time once you get home. Here are the steps to follow :

  1. Wash your face with mild soap or just water. In order to eliminate impurities, it is recommended to rub the skin before applying the cream.
  2. Apply the cream to the skin and massage gently in small circles. For an effective result, apply it at the beginning of the evening and before sleeping.
  3. During the period of use, avoid exposure to sunlight. During the day, use a suitable sunscreen such as Sunskin 60 or Sunskin 35. At the same time, wear a hat.

For best results, follow the directions for use strictly. This product is suitable for all skin types.

Benefits of Clermine cream

In addition to its affordable price for all budgets, Clermine cream has several advantages :

  • Treatment of hyperpigmentations : formulated specifically for care against unsightly hyperpigmentations, the cream targets brown spots linked to age, sun, photosensitization spots, scar hyperpigmentations, and pregnancy mask.

  • Renovating action : the renovating active ingredient promotes cell renewal, thus helping to improve the overall texture of the skin.

  • Lightening : the depigmenting active ingredient inhibits tyrosinase, effectively slowing down the formation of melanin pigment and thus promoting the lightening of hyperpigmentation spots.

  • Practical use : with simple instructions, this treatment cream can be easily integrated into the daily routine. Simply apply it twice a day, at sunset and before sleeping. A schedule that is easy to adopt even during your travels, trips and vacations.

  • Sun prevention : during use, the cream recommends avoiding direct sun exposure and suggests the use of specific sunscreens to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

  • Practical format : this product is available in 30g format. It is therefore easy to carry (to put in a pouch, in a pencil case, in a handbag). Its screw cap makes it easy to use.

  • Brown spots linked to age and the sun
  • Photosensitization spots
  • Hyper scar pigmentation
  • Pregnancy mask
  • Wash and rub the skin
  • Apply CLERMINE by massaging the skin twice a day from sunset and before sleeping
  • During the period of use, avoid any exposure to the sun and apply screens designed for this purpose: SUNSKIN 60 or SUNSKIN 35

Data sheet

ACTIVE RENOVATIVE and TONICANT based on beta-hydroxy acid, fruit acid and vitamin C DEPIGMENTING ACTIVE (2% hydroquinone)
30 g

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