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Anti-fungal cream is a precious ally in your beauty care routine. It offers a complete solution for the treatment of skin complications related to fungi while improving the hygiene and appearance of your skin. This skin treatment is a product to have at hand.

Characteristics of anti-fungal cream

This anti-fungal antifungal cream is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Based on organic plants, it will help you in the treatment of skin problems. The box, easy to open and close, contains 80 g of cream. This care product contains no coloring, which is excellent for your skin because it will not attack it. It is also without preservatives. It is a risk -free product for all skin types. In addition to treatment, this anti-fungal cream hydrates deep, purifies and unifies the complexion of your skin. It therefore contributes to healing and having beautiful skin all year round.

Advantages of the use of antifungal cream

Antifungal creams offer several advantages for the skin. In addition to the fact that it helps to get rid of skin problems, it is also an Allier to keep the skin in good condition and well hydrated. This antifungal cream provides several benefits :

  • It is a multifunctional beauty treatment designed to meet various skin needs.
  • It is specially formulated for the treatment of skin infections linked to fungi, including Pityriasis versicolor, plates, comedons (blackheads), itching, mycosis and dermatophytes.
  • This exceptional cream also acts as an antibacterial agent, helping to eliminate bacteria responsible for skin imperfections.
  • It rids the skin of all the impurities accumulated on a daily basis.
  • Thanks to its purifying properties, it helps your skin becomes clearer and brilliant health.
  • This antifungal cream is also an excellent moisturizing treatment that softens the skin while unifying the complexion, for a smoother and uniform appearance.

Instructions for antifungal cream

In order to obtain better results quickly and for effective treatment, follow the following instructions scrupulously :

  • Start by carefully disinfecting the skin to be treated with apple cider vinegar.
  • Generously apply the anti-fungal cream to the affected areas of mycosis, fungi and skin infection. Massage so that the cream penetrates entirely. You can apply it 2 to 3 times a day for optimal results.
  • Avoid all contact with the eyes when applying this product. In case of accidental contact with your eyes, rinse abundantly with clear water.

This cream is only used on the skin and is available without a prescription. It can be used in addition to treatment for skin problems such as yeast infection. You can apply it on the hands and under the nails, feet, body part, etc. Keep the antifungal cream in its original box and put in stock in a cool and dry place, sheltered from sunlight.

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