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Siwak mint

Siwak mint

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Stick Siwak to Taste MINT

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The siwak (in Arabic), also called souek, souak, miswak or wood araq (arak stick), is the root of Salvadora Persica shrub used as a "toothbrush" natural, mainly by Muslims.

The use of this plant for cleaning teeth is prior to the emergence of Islam, but it has developed following the positive opinion that made ??the Prophet Muhammad (SWS).

Merely rub the teeth with a fibrous object such as siwak gets rid of plaque. In addition, scientific studies suggest a beneficial effect in strengthening the gums concluded that the use of the Siwak is more effective than the use of a toothbrush. The World Health Organization recommends its use in 1986 and 2000. It also contains a substance that aids digestion and protects teeth against tartar.

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