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Black Khôl powder

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Therapeutic indications :
  • Protects the eyes against external aggressions such as dust, sand, fine particles present in the air
  •  Helps fight eye infections and protect the eyes by killing certain germs
  •  Helps strengthen vision and clarify the eyes and gaze, protecting them from infections and ulcerations

To use :

Shake vigorously and apply a small amount directly to the lower eyelid.
*Do not immerse the wet applicator in the bottle without drying it out
 For external use only!

Black Kol (Hashmi Kajal): product presentation

Hashmi Kajal Black Kohl is a traditional pencil used for centuries to intensify the look and enhance the look, to make up or care for the eyes.
It comes in the form of a tube in the form of a creamy, creamy paste with an applicator stick to create an intense, dark eyeliner line along the eyelids.
Hashmi Kajal Black Kohl is particularly appreciated for its ease of application and its long-lasting hold. Thanks to its creamy texture, it glides delicately over the eyelids, allowing you to draw a precise and homogeneous line.

The benefits of black kohl (Hashmi Kajal) for the eyes

This kohl is a blend of herbs and ingredients with healing properties, used to protect, strengthen and cleanse the eyes from foreign particles and pollution. This kohl thus preserves the freshness of the eyes and improves their appearance, then also protects them from the glare of the sun.
Black Kohl Hashmi Kajal is also made using ghee charcoal, beeswax, vegetable oil and camphor. Ghee charcoal protects the eyes from dust and allows tear fluid to escape.
Camphor, for its part, refreshes and disinfects the eye. It also helps brighten the eyes thanks to its astringent effect which blurs the small vessels present in the eye.
It is oilier than classic kohl and allows for a softer and more comfortable application.

How to use black kohl (Hashmi Kajal) to have a sublime look?

For an intense and very deep look, apply Kajal kohl inside the eye then delicately make a light back and forth movement to give depth to your look. Always draw from the inside out. You can also add another line under your lower lash line for even more intensity.

For a very simple eyeliner-style application, apply the texture to outline your upper lash line, always from the inside out. The powdered effect of this makeup will give a wild and/or rock side to your beauty look. Finish as always with the mascara of your choice.
Here is a tip to easily remove Kajal makeup. Think about greasy textures like oil or micellar water, or even simpler, a few drops of physiological serum will be enough to remove makeup from your Kohl Kajal, without rubbing or irritating.

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