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  • Subtract blood lipids
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Treats flu and chest problems
  • Reduces pain of rheumatism and joint
  • Lowers cholesterol in the blood
  • Activates the genital glands 
  • Helps digestion and diuretic
  • Lowers the level of nicotine in smokers
  • Nourished, strengthened and stop hair loss

Rocket vegetable oil

Rocket oil has virtues that make it very interesting to remedy different problems. It is one of the miracle products that anyone wishing to take care of the health of their hair, skin and body should have to reap unsuspected and little-known benefits.

What are the properties of organic rocket vegetable oil ?

Organic rocket oil is obtained by cold pressing its seeds to obtain one of the best vegetable oils that exist. rocket oil is known to have a low calorie nutritional composition. It has vitamins, including vitamin K and B9, which allow the body to derive many health benefits. It is rich in flavonoids such as quercetin and carotenoids including lutein and the famous beta-carotene with antioxidant properties. In addition, rocket oil has glucosinolates, which are protective molecules of the human body. It is also provided with essential fatty acids and more particularly erucic acid.

What are the benefits of organic rocket oil ?

The benefits of rocket oil and its contributions are numerous:

  • The benefits of organic arugula oil for the skin

Rocket oil is excellent for the skin and is a fantastic treatment that can be integrated with other cosmetic products to increase their effectiveness and provide nutrition. A few drops of rocket oil combined with skin care will help remedy dry skin problems. Its non-greasy finish is a real opportunity to mix it with essential oils or other vegetable oils in order to perform body massages. Rocket oil absorbs quickly and leaves the skin silky, soft and non-greasy. It can also be used pure for a face or body treatment.

  • The benefits of organic rocket oil for hair

Rocket oil offers multiple benefits for the hair. It will help fight against hair loss by strengthening them. In addition to the positive effects on hair loss, it will promote growth. A real protective sheath for the hair, the oil will help fight against breakage and split ends. It will bring shine and nutrition to the hair. The oil can be used alone or mixed with other oils in hair care.

  • The benefits of organic rocket oil for the body

The health benefits of rocket oil are undeniable. Among the proven benefits, the oil will stimulate blood circulation. Its action is also beneficial on lipids in the blood and its ingestion reduces cholesterol levels. The oil is beneficial to the smoker, as it affects the nicotine level and reduces its presence. In addition, it facilitates digestion and has diuretic properties. Moreover, the oil is effective for people who suffer from rheumatism and pain in the joints. In case of flu, the oil is an excellent remedy against the disease and it is even said to have the power to activate the genital glands.

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