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  • Increases the size of the penis
  • Stimulate spongy cells for amplification
  • Boosts length and width


Apply oil 2 to 3 times a day

Increase the size of your penis with our leech oil

Our leech oil is for all men wishing to restore volume to their penises both in width and in length. Our 100% natural aphrodisiac is in itself a precious ally to improve your performance.

Leech oil : presentation of this natural aphrodisiac

Originally from Southeast Asia, more precisely from Malaysia, this natural aphrodisiac has been used for more than two thousand years for its many benefits in terms of intimacy. Confidence and assurance, these are the promises of leech oil. Here's what you need to know about how this famous oil is made :

  • After selecting the best annelid worms, these are then weaned for a period of one month. This weaning is very important since it allows the worms to get rid of all the impurities present in their bodies. This step also allows them to be sterilized.
  • After a month of weaning, the leeches are cut and washed meticulously.
  • During the next step, these are immersed in a cocktail of spices for a month, all in airtight containers. This step is essential because it is during this maceration period that the main active ingredients develop and reveal their aphrodisiac power.
  • After a month of fermentation, the solution obtained is then cooked in coconut oil.
  • Finally, the leech oil is filtered, then poured into containers to be sold.

The benefits of leech oil

Do you have impotence problems? Like many men, do you dream of increasing your penis tenfold? Your performance does not give you satisfaction? If some men have turned to honey from Sudan to boost their libido, know that leech oil is by far the best product to put stars in your partner's eyes during your intimate relationships. Here are the benefits of leech oil :

  • You don't like the size of your penis? Do you think your penis is too small or not large enough? A situation that can have a psychological impact on some men because the size of the penis is often perceived as a sign of virility. If leech oil is widely appreciated by men, it is mainly because it gives volume to the penis, both in width and in length.
  • In addition to increasing penis size, leech oil delays male ejaculation time.
  • Women are not left out, because leech oil is THE product to boost libido. Moreover, this oil is also famous for increasing breast size.

How to use leech oil to enlarge penis size ?

Our tips for using leech oil correctly to increase your penis size :

  • Before applying leech oil to your penis, you must take a shower.
  • Dry your penis and apply the product while gently massaging your penis until it is completely absorbed.

An operation to be done morning and evening for a month.

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