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Leech oil is a natural oil from traditional Asian remedies that has been used for millennia for multiple uses. Leech oil is suitable for men and women for skin care, hair care and marital performance. The product comes in the form of a pump bottle with a capacity of 60 ml. The purchase of the order is made in quantities of three products orderable on our sales site and ensures shipping and receipt as quickly as possible.

The characteristics of leech oil and its uses

Leech oil has characteristics that differ from usual products and oils. It is an oil which, according to experts, has exceptional virtues. It owes this to the natural products that are used in its composition. Depending on the needs of men and women, leech oil is a source of numerous benefits :

The benefits of leech oil on male parts

One of the most proven benefits of this product concerns male virility. Leech oil has natural assets (the presence of histamine elements) which promote the enlargement of the male parts. It is used by applying it to the areas preferably after the shower in order to make it penetrate.

The benefits of leech oil on women's breasts

Used daily for several weeks in the form of massage, leech oil helps increase the volume of the chest. It is important that the treatment is regular and daily and that the massage time is substantial.

The benefits of leech oil on marital desire

To restore desire to the woman and provoke a hint of excitement, the latter can use leech oil on the erogenous zones. Man, for his part, can prolong his desire thanks to the mechanical action of leech oil which slows down ejaculation due to its high nitric oxide content. In both cases, it is used in local applications before lovemaking.

The benefits of leech oil for hair

Used for hair, it is a magical product. It is a source of many benefits :

  • It promotes hair regrowth.
  • It nourishes and provides protection to the hair.
  • It activates blood circulation.
  • It combats scalp irritation.

To use it, it is recommended to mix a few drops of leech oil with other hair oils (olive, coconut, almond, etc.) then massage it into the scalp.

The benefits of leech oil for the skin

Leech oil, the object of all pleasures, is also very interesting when used in skin care. As with hair oil, you should mix a few drops with moisturizing oils (coconut, apricot, avocado, etc.) and apply it as a massage to the body or face morning and/or evening.

The health benefits of leech oil

Leeches and their beneficial effects on health are well known and leeches are used for natural hospital treatments used to treat wounds and activate healing following finger amputations. In relation to the skin, leech oil, used daily, will help repair damaged skin and promote cell regeneration. Additionally, health experts agree that leech oil is beneficial for combating blood pressure and diabetes.

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